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May 2017

Lush Lawns

Healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable turf.


For most people the majority of their landscape consist of some type of grass, but the grass is often the most neglected part of the landscape. It’s very simple to sort through all the confusion and have a stunning greener area at your own home.

Chemical application has its place, and is often a needed and valuable option. There are also simple steps you can take to creating a culture that promotes healthy turf grass and can prevent the need of putting chemicals in your yard. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your grass stays healthy and to avoid pest.


  1. Water properly. This step gets missed the most. Either the homeowner isn’t properly informed, there isn’t an irrigation system in place, or the current irrigation system isn’t being used properly. Knowing how much water is needed, when the water is most beneficial, and how much water each nozzle is putting out are all key factors in making sure the turf is getting what it needs.


  1. Sun light and air flow. Proper tree and shrub maintenance actually play a role in the health of your lawn. Trees and shrubs should be pruned to allow airflow and sunlight to penetrate to the ground. If a new landscape is being installed these factors should be considered before plant selection and location are determined.


  1. We are advocates for the natural approach of mulching the grass clipping and leaves back into the soil to act as compost. There is nothing better than being able to use the resources that you already have provided to you in an effective way. There are still times when a regular fertilization program in place will drastically change the appearance, feel, and overall well being of not only the lawn, but the trees and shrubs as well. Everything in your yard is competing for the resources that the ground is providing, adding the correct amount and type of nutrients is always a huge plus when done right.


  1. Weed Control. If you are fortunate enough to have a weed free lawn you can keep a handle on any unwanted plant life by hand. If it has gotten out of control a chemical application may be a better alternative. Having a licensed and knowledgeable professional to guide you in the amount and types of chemicals to put in your yard are crucial. Once the weeds are gone you will be amazed at how much it frees the grass up to thrive.


  1. Pest Control. From mole crickets to mites and 1,000 bugs and fungus’s in between knowing how to stop a problem before it destroys a yard is invaluable. There are natural and synthetic approaches to pest control available, having the knowledge to choose what’s best is paramount in saving time and money.


The key is keeping the environment conducive to letting the grass and plants thrive, but not weeds and pest. Everything from grass height to watering frequency plays a role. We offer professional help in irrigation, landscape maintenance, landscape design, and chemical application. Every home and yard is unique just like every solution and plan are unique. If you have any questions please call so we can set up an appointment.


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Blake Parker

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Blake Parker


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